The Slug Queen Chronicles,
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On her twelfth birthday, Cricket Kane uncovers a chilling secret – tooth fairies are real. 

And they now want children instead of teeth

When her little brother is taken, Cricket travels to a magical world full of cursed boogie men, female Santas, living nightmares, new friendships and more than a few betrayals. She’ll stop at nothing to save her brother, especially after learning the sinister motives behind his kidnapping. But can she find him and the other children before it’s too late? 

A spellbinding tale of love, sacrifice, and the power of friendship for readers who aren’t afraid of the boogeyman. 

Available now!
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Twelve-year-old Qenna Scott plans a perfect slumber party: movies, pizza, and the company of her new BFFs. So when her creepy ex-friend crashes the party, Qenna will do anything to salvage the night. Even if it means sneaking into a graveyard after midnight to snap a selfie with a gravestone. But the silly dare has grave consequences. Qenna captures something sinister in her photo—an eerie fog that creeps closer to her with each new picture. Can she stop the fog from stealing her life, or will she become another victim of the #graveyardchallenge?